My Girlfriend is Awesome

So, my girlfriend has to make several movies for different classes this semester. One of these has to be a completely fictional work, and she wants to use something I wrote.

I can’t tell you how much of an ego boost it is when a beautiful girl says she likes your work. It’s the ultimate nerd daydream from high school, and my heart goes all aflutter when I think about it.

So far, she knows she wants it to be some kind of monster movie. It helps that her professor is something of a nerd, who loves using horror and sci-fi and constantly alludes to it for examples in class. This isn’t a cutting remark. Anyone who’s ever watched the Vlogbrothers would know this. Nerds are awesome people with awesome powers to do awesome things. Also, nerds like monsters. For example, the nerdy guy currently on the keyboard loves Godzilla with a nearly familial ferocity, and feels surges of childlike excitement whenever the phrase “Captain Sinbad” is uttered within earshot.

Thus, with previously stated nerdy professor, my baby hopes to score some grade-oriented brownie points.

We have something of a cache to choose from, and I’ll post what she decides on as soon as I find out. Regular updates about the endeavor will be forthcoming, I promise.

Also, because I love her and love talking about how awesome she is, my babe wants to bind my stories into my own personal book, which I won’t deny would thrill this egotistical boy to no end. It’s also worth stating that she has offered in the past to do her share of legwork to aid in my search for agents and publishers.

Jesus, I really can’t say enough that I love her, can I? Cuz I feel like I can’t.

I love her.

Speaking of my girlfriend some more, she and I are currently racing each other. At the beginning of this year, we started a competition to see who could read the most books by year’s end. Thus far, she’s wailed on me in an intellectual equivalent to Tyson-Hollifield rematch. Playing the role of ear biter, however, I will take advantage of her crazy-busy work and school schedule next week to see if I can sneak my way to the lead. Follow us here, if you think we’d be interesting enough.

More updates coming soon. I promise I’ll keep this “regular posting” thing in mind, for you few who actually follow this thing.

Both of you.


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