Writing Storm

Since graduating, the necessity of applying for scholarships and researching schools has crossed my mind more and more. Even though I’m only a little over a week out of school, it feels like I’ve slacked off too much to let it slide much longer. Thus, as of today, I’m going to hit the emails hard, contacting anyone and everyone I can to get the academic ball rolling within the next couple of years.

Besides that, I also need to polish off a handful of my stories, to either mail off or hand to my girlfriend so she can decide which to use for school. Along the way I need to get a creative project with my friends Knowle and Dex off the ground (along with actually deciding what that project will be), put a few finishing touches on the vampire novella, and finally wrap up the congealing mess that is Finer Points.

Also, I plan to apply for work alongside my baby soon. It’s cool, they’re always hiring, but I can’t risk becoming the layabout boyfriend typing on his computer all day in his underpants. Financing myself with a job. Can’t forget to do that before too long…

But for right now, I have several projects to finish up. As I wrap up each story, I might post snippets here and there, and if anybody reads this, maybe they can lemme know what they think. If not, then fine, your haircut looks stupid anyway, Brad.

So as far as applying for employment goes, I figure I can put in the application by month’s end, at the latest (but more realistically, week’s end). Until then, I have to commit myself to the writing storm that I’ve hemmed and hawed about comencing for weeks now. So, here goes nothin’. Failure’s never been so exciting!

– Sean


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  1. Jezabelle Sweetbottom

    Have you thought about self publishing? I realize most people don’t see it as a “legitimate” form of publishing but it will help get some of your stuff out there and into peoples hands where it belongs, even if its only as an e-book. Just a thought.

    Yours always,

    Sweetest Bottom

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