Quick Post, New Excerpt

So the amount of stuff I want to do is not equal to the actual amount of initiative that I possess. Thus, I’m gonna keep the amount of time I spend online to a minimum, and set up a few parameters.

First off, I’m going to try to commit to updating this blog once every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with occasional posts on the weekends as time or circumstance permit. This won’t be a hard-and-fast (snicker) rule, just something to give my blob-like schedule a bit of structure.

Secondly, because I’m stupid, I haven’t actually gotten around to revising my collection of short stories, but I will, I promise. (And not the same kind of promise I gave to my Cambodian wife about taking her to America with me. I mean I really promise.) After a serious bout of apartment cleaning tonight, I’ll hit the keyboard with vigor.

Lastly, I have finished something, at least, so my output is still consistent in that regard. It’s another novella, though maybe I can expand it some future date. (I HAVE to finish putting Finer Points in order. Have to.) Right now it’s staying in rough draft form, though I’ve gotten it copyrighted and everything, so there’s that security blanket to snuggle under.

Excerpt below, because this post needs a little more meat to it.


            I hear them scraping at the door, and I wonder exactly how much longer I can last like this.

            Neither radio stations or television broadcasts have been able to give me any further insight as to how this all started, or what is being done to scale it back. I am getting the feeling that there is very little that can be done, and that maybe the news is just as cut off as the rest of us…

            Given the lack of resources at my disposal, very few definitive truths regarding this event are known to me. But I am determined to keep track of those inviolable facts as long as they still hold valid.

            So far, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that:

  1. On Wednesday evening, every corpse that was not completely decomposed within the greater Nashville metropolitan area suddenly, and quite unexpectedly, began to move.
  2. These corpses, after regaining animation, immediately exhibited an insatiable hunger for human flesh. Of course.
  3. The corpses, or “ghouls” as the news media has been calling them, are not only sentient, but intelligent as well, and displayed a comprehensive understanding of complex strategy and machinery immediately into their attack against the living.
  4. The immortal fly showed up in my bathroom the very same night in which the ghouls first appeared, and as long as it lives, so do I.
  5. I am out of coffee and cigarettes, and it’s only Friday. This is going to be a long-ass weekend.

 – From “Long Weekend,” by Sean Ganus. Copyright 2011. All Rights Reserved.


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