Sex and Cinema

So, yeah, I basically broke the guidelines I established last Wednesday almost right out of the window, but too bad, so sad. You’re not going to see any Vlogbrothers-styled punishments for breaking my own rules.

The zombie novella goes well, and submissions to various magazines go out this week. I’m going to try to put publishing on Blurb in motion soon, but it still remains to be seen when that’ll happen. Again, hopefully before the end of the week.

On a personal note, I saw “Pirates of the Caribbean 4” on Saturday, along with “Source Code”. The latter was actually kinda better than the former, but I can’t complain. We live in driving distance of a drive-in, and for $15 a car, you can’t beat the setup. Or the sex, for that matter. Relax, the windows were all steamy. Aside from the occasional hand/footprint, I doubt any kids nearby could’ve seen anything. Though in hindsight, I kinda wish we’d gotten dressed when we hit up the concession stand at intermission.

Huh, who would have thought that writer’s daily activities involved so little actual activity. Listening to us, you’d just think we just sit in front of keyboards all day. Which isn’t true at all; I bought some bread at Kroger this morning, so there, Brad. You and your stupid haircut can just shut up!


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