Two Questions…

…and I’ll give you guys at least a week and a half to respond, since I know you both lead busy lives. (At least compared to a man who sits in his apartment for ten hours at a time working on rewrites. I literally don’t think I’ve consumed anything other than coffee and cheap burritos for about two weeks.)

Question #1: Should I write an epilogue “Long Weekend,” just to wrap everything up without ending the story like a guillotine?

Question #2: Halloween serial, yes or no?

Right, I’m off to Atlanta! Huzzah, traffic!



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2 responses to “Two Questions…

  1. Jezabelle Sweetbottom

    Idk, I kinda liked the way it ended, but if you got something good in mind go for it, would love to read it.

    Halloween serial: yes plz

    Hope this helps (awaiting your nude pics in the mail)

    J. Sweets

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