I Didn’t Die

But I was gunned down in a gangland turf war. More on that sometime later.

Also, I’ll have some original material up soon, maybe by tonight, so look for that. Or don’t, whatever, I don’t need you, Brad.

Hopefully I’ll get a few more posts up before I let next week slip by. These past two weeks have been hectic, as I’ve been scrambling to finish Finer Points while putting together a collection of my short stories for my babe to go through and print. On top of that, my friends and I are trying to put together samples of work to share with each other on an upcoming project, plus to show to potential sponsors should we pull our heads out of our asses long enough to make something funny. Fun times, and I’m all the broker for it.

Nothing a good dose of amphetamines and hookers can’t cure.

Peace out, both you beautiful people. I’ll make love to your faces soon.

– Sean


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