Ghosts in the Graveyard

The Halloween Horrorgasmic Orgy of Horror(gasms) continues, but with considerably less orgy-ness this time.

The noonday story is a simple little something for the kiddies, assuming anyone forgets that I’m not allowed with 300 feet of children. But c’mon, it’s Halloween! Be festive! Let the children come unto me, as someone or other once said.

But seriously, you probably shouldn’t let your kids come over. I could get in trouble.



Ghosts in the Graveyard

© Copyright 2011

Sean Ganus



We took flight, but the voices flew faster.

This yard, this hallowed night. The phantom whispers carried high on the wind.

Leaves crunched as we made our way down the broken cobblestone path. I heard twigs snapping under thunderous footsteps.

Lilly, Evelyn, Scott, and me. Chased like intruders in the home of the dead.

We took off to the right, Scott crying out as a terrible voice shouted to the others: “Here! I see something! Over here!”

So loud! How can anything be so loud here, in this deathly quiet place…

“They see us!” Scott howled. “They’re everywhere! They know we’re here!”

I grabbed him and pulled him along, ducking behind a crumbling mausoleum housing the remains of valiant Boys in Grey. Lilly and Evelyn continued picking their way through the crumbling stones of the yard.

“Evie!” I hissed, and she turned to see us hiding. I motioned her over, and she grabbed Lily’s sleeve.

“Lily, come on!” she screamed, but Lily would not have it. She thrashed her arm, throwing Evelyn’s hand off with a vicious swat.

“They’ll find us!” she hissed. “They’ll find us there!”

“Lily!” I called out after her, but I watched her disappear behind the shadow of a Weeping Willow.

Evie started making her way over to us, but ghastly flickers of light began piercing the air around her. Roiling fog twirled around her skirt, and those voices, those horrible voices…

“We found her!”

“Here, here she is!”

Evelyn ran, but the horrid sounds ran with her. The light grew brighter in the mist, until the whispers and the screams enveloped her in a flashing cocoon.

They had her.

Scott took off running, and I followed. For a moment it seemed like we’d get away, until I heard them again.

“Here, here! Another, another!”

“Come, come! There’s more, there’s more!”

The shouts were lustful in their eagerness, as the spirits that prowled these grounds made their way around the broken stones, illegible stones. We reached a fork in the footpath, and Scott faltered, indecision cutting him deep.

The ghostly lights began to swirl again, the fog whirled as unseen figures closed in.

I heard Scott yell, heard him curse, saw the fog take him away.

I only ran. I’m not proud of it, but I ran. They were falling, one by one. All because I’d taken them with me, wanting to explore the cemetery on Halloween Night.

And now I’d pay my toll, to cross the spectral bridge between our world and theirs.

Stones with Hebrew symbols began pocking the landscape, and behind the largest, flattest marker I saw Lily. She was crouching, shivering like she was cold, were eyes flashing in the moonlight.

“Lily?” I called to her. “It’s me, Rog-…”

“Go away!” she hissed. Her voice was sharp, and she bore her fangs like a snake. “Go away!”

“Lily, what…?”

“You’ll lead them here! You’ll lead them to me! This…this is all your fault!”

“Lily…!” And then the lights were on her. They swept up behind her, and my look of terror must have alerted her, because she spun and saw into the fog, and screamed.

I made my way to the monument at the center of the yard, hoping I could find a way to get out from the top. I ran while looking over my shoulder, but stopped dead in my tracks when I heard them.

The awful whispers, the hideous giggling. I could barely make out sinister figures in the mist.

They wrapped around the monument like a barricade, blocking the way.

Eye, hungry and gleeful, saw me. They seemed to waft, as though carried by the wind.

And they made their way to me.

I started moving back, trying to run though I wanted to freeze. The ground disappeared from under me, and I was falling, falling.

An open grave, empty and waiting. I fell to the bottom, saw the misty air glow with their horrible luminescence.

I crawled into a corner, pressed my back against the damp soil. Happy, awful grins peppered the sky.

An eerie glow filled the grave. The mist spilled inside.

I threw my arms over my face, and screamed.


            They’re still here, still running loose above. They’ll probably be here all night.

We’re not the only one’s they’ve run down. Others tell me of the awful shrieking, the relentless hunting. No one can walk above ground tonight with any peace.

We’re getting very angry.

I see Lily again. She’s still angry that I brought attention to her, but she’s more angry at them, especially their disrespect.

The flowing white dress she was buried in is tattered from the stress she has suffered tonight. We all look a little haggard. This much activity wears us out.

We can look absolutely frightful if we expend too much energy. But it seems like these people won’t leave before dawn. Not without a little…encouragement.

So we’re gathering our strength. The abandoned church at the edge of the old graveyard serves as a nexus for us to gather, and plot.

They run and giggle, holding their cameras and waving their flashlights. They yell and scream, jumping with fright and rejoicing in mockery. They creep into private crypts, they wrestle open boxes that should only stay closed. Offered flowers have been spilled, unsteady stones have been toppled.

This rudeness won’t last for long. We grow stronger in our anger, and soon we’ll spill from this church in a wave of outrage. Our wraith’s fury will burn the night, beneath the watchful, flickering eye of the full, loving moon.

We will sweep through this yard and cast out the garbage. We will howl and shriek louder than even they can imagine. Our glowing faces with contort and bend to demonic shapes.

And when it is over, we will rest. We will return to our comfortable earth, return to the peace and rest that eternity has offered us.

But tonight, we will rage, and we will haunt.


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