Five Sentence Fiction – Zombie Theme

So I’ve been telling the one-and-a-half people who actually follow this thing that I’ll be getting back to posting regularly. For the longest time it looked like I simply spoke from a throne of lies and laziness, but if I’m gonna do this, it might as well be with a hearty round of experimental writing.

I’ve never tried Five Sentence Fiction before, but I’m always down to fail at something new! Today’s word prompt is what inspired me to participate:


Here I go!


The girl, nervous and needing reassurance, looks to the boy and asks: “But what if it…hurts?”

“It’ll only hurt for a little while,” the boy, artfully impatient, tells her, and pulls her close to add, “just do whatever feels good.”

The girl leans in, kisses his neck, and says: “You mean like this?”

The boy, lost in feeling, doesn’t answer at first, but when she holds him down, he looks at her in alarm and says, “Wait, hold on…”

The girl gives a grin, red from broken skin, and artfully impatient, tells the boy: “It’ll only hurt for a little while.”



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12 responses to “Five Sentence Fiction – Zombie Theme

  1. Nicely written. You definitely did not fail!

  2. Welcome to FSF. I think you’ve started off with a winner. Clever little twist at the end and a fun read.

    • Thank you! I liked how the constraints seemed to force the need to write zombies as characters instead of just a force, should we take the prompt we were given literally.

  3. That was a lovely twist on the prompt. Wonderful. In fact, there are loads of twists on the prompt I wasn’t expecting in this weeks submissions. Maybe I should take another swipe on mine!


  4. You packed a lot into 5 brief sentences. Well done. Nice twist, too.


  5. Clever turn around here, unexpected, but good!

  6. Welcome to FSF! You certainly did NOT fail 🙂 Cleverly written with a fantastic twist. I look forward to reading more of your writing!!!

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