Halloween Twitter Serial – Zero Hour

Welp, my self-proclaimed project launches tomorrow, for better or (likely) worse. I’m excited, but intimidated. Or maybe I’m excited because I’m intimated. I haven’t figured out which yet.

An exceedingly nice women named Emma Audsley was kind enough to reblog me here, so the pressure’s on to actually deliver, and not just sit around drinking and watching old episodes of Dragon Ball Z. Really, it’s more than any one man can be expected to bear. It’s a hard life, I tell ya.

Starting tomorrow, look up #thenightshift on Twitter, and follow as I try to spin something coherent through what may or may not be an alcoholic daze!


Sean, The Awful Writer



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3 responses to “Halloween Twitter Serial – Zero Hour

  1. I’m eagerly awaiting this!
    Please pop by to the blog & guest blog on Halloween about this writing journey!

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