Halloween Twitter Serial – Catch-Up

Despite a few hiccups, things seem to be running…generally smooth with the Twitter serial. I had at least a week’s worth of tweets stashed before October rolled around. Thought I was being pretty proactive until I, uh, stopped doing that. Now I’m down to one day’s worth in my QuickOffice stockpile, so I reckon it’s time to hit the free espresso at work and hammer the rest of this joker out.

I may also post an original story (a whole one, I mean) sometime this week, so look for that, if, um, I do it, I mean. It’ll be a sequel to one I temporarily ran here until I tried to shop it around. That effort hasn’t been terribly successful, so I’ll probably post a link to it as well for anyone interested, probably in the same post. Who knows.

I’m also thinking, if I can get enough followers on here to satisfy the effort, of trying something I’m calling a “Write-on-Demand” day. Basically I’ll leave a day open for folks to suggest subjects, one subject per person, and I’ll have a finished story for each subject posted here by Halloween. I only ask that you realize I might opt out of this at any time, and that anything I do write will be a horror story.

So if you can, get back to me on what you think about this (both of you, this time). And don’t tell Brad about it. Because Brad can go to hell, that’s why. God I hate Brad. He’s so…Brad.

Follow @SeanGanus or #thenightshift to gauge whether or not I’m failing at all this!

– The Awful Writer


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