A Few Things I Wanted to Mention

The Halloween Twitter Serial continues, though now I’m pulling it off by the seat of my pants. It suits my slacker disposition.

Also, I guess I’ll do Write-On-Demand Day, since my actual lack of renown is probably advantageous for what I’m planning. I’ll set up a post for the event this Saturday, a little before midnight, Central Time, and any suggestions I receive in the comments will get a horror story come Halloween. Feel free to suggest tone, theme, characters, subject…anything your lusty heart desires.

Speaking of Halloween, I ran something last year I called an orgy of horrorgasms last Halloween, if anyone’s interested. I liked it, even if the rushed nature of the experiment shows pretty strongly.

While I’m on the subject of self-promotion, I used to do something called The Midnight Special. The idea was that I could only post material written in one go late at night. Again, the fact that it’s basically a bunch of rushed rough drafts is pretty apparent, but whatever. Should I start up on this again?

Anyway, I gotta do some Halloween planning. Nashville likes to do Halloween big, and I haven’t even decorated yet. Ugh, I’m so lame.

Remember to follow @SeanGanus or #thenightshift to figure out what’s plaguing that damnable hotel!

– The Awful Writer



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2 responses to “A Few Things I Wanted to Mention

  1. Emma Audsley

    Good to hear you’re sticking to it!

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