Write-on-Demand Day 2012

So let’s see how this goes, I guess. If nothing else, it’ll be a welcome distraction from staring in mute frustration at my monitor while I try to revise my novel.

So here’s how this is gonna go down: I operate on Central Time, so that means I get to piss off everybody, but whatever. From 12:00 a.m., 10/13/12 to 12:00 a.m., 10/14/12, Central Time, I’ll take any suggestions you can throw at me for a story. Suggestions will only be taken from replies to this post.

Only one suggestion per person will be accepted, so get in all the details you want when you send in your request. Each suggestion will be turned into a horror story to be posted by Halloween.

Feel free to reblog whichever story was written for you, though remember to duly credit me for my work. Also, all stories are my sole intellectual property, and can be taken down at any time.

Enough big boy talk. Get your minds in the gutter or in the clouds, and send in those suggestions!

– The Awful Writer


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