A Few Things More

So Write-On-Demand Day came and went without a whisper, which I expected, so I’m fine with it. The important thing is that I made the effort.

Tweets fell short yesterday, I know. I was visiting family and haunted houses, and I let my emotional well-being take precedence like a loser. I’m sorry, Brad, JEEZ.

With an ass-numbing six hour drive behind me, today’s make-up quota should come along smoothly, like an inattentive boyfriend who realizes you’re about to dump him. Expect lots of chocolate and smooth talk, and maybe a hand on your butt when I make my clumsy attempt to seduce you.

I haven’t forgotten about the original story. It’ll go up as soon as I fix a glaring plot hole I discovered at the eleventh hour. I’ll be sure to link to the prequel tale when I post it.

Meanwhile, I’m busily trying to revise my zombie novel (a different tale than the property serialized here) before I let discouragement take me down like a Spanish bull. I keep sending it out to agents, but those crickets I hear chirping in response sound a lot like they’re saying “GOD YOU SUCK.”

Remember to follow @SeanGanus or #thenightshift to see just how much I suck!

Peace and chicken grease.

– The Awful Writer


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