I’ll Start Updating Soon, I Promise

Sorry for the radio silence, you two. I’ve been a busy fella. Not in the “have I got some goodies for you!” kinda way, though. In the “breaking my back to afford to live” way. But still, I’ve missed you folks. Both of you. We should hang out sometime. In a naked-ish context, I mean.

So the plan is to update several times a week. Drum up a loyal readership amongst those who’ve actually subscribed to my ramblings. Make something of a commitment. I’m sub-par boyfriend material, but maybe I can be a half-decent blogger. I might even serve you breakfast in bed while I wear fancy underpants.

Some new stuff is coming soon. I’ve been…fairly diligent with a challenge I’ve undertaken this month, the results of which I’ll share come February. My friends, sister and I have been working on a novel-tag project that we’ll host on sister blog nerdageddon. I beg you to subscribe. It’s a group effort, so look for more regular posting there if you do. Also I’ll try to put some more original fiction up, but I’m more guarded about that lately. Protecting intellectual property and all.

I’ll share whether or not Screaming Spires Publishing accepts my submission, “Basher Bones and Fal,” into their maiden anthology When Darkness Calls, and if I have any news on when Tales to Terrify will air my story “Write Away.” Though to be honest, it wouldn’t surprise me if they bump me for any of the dozens of more talented writers who submit fiction to their podcast.

Say, podcasting…should that be something I should consider doing? On one hand, I have to admit, I have an impressive lexicon. On the other, I speak like the secret, alcoholic eighth dwarf that Disney didn’t show you.

Anyway, I wanted to keep you all in the loop, and beg you to PLEASE PLEASE OH GOD DON’T LEAVE ME.

– The Awful Writer


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