Valentine’s Update

Human Heart

Valentine’s Day is two days away, and though I don’t give a shit about having a date for the day, I have one anyway. (Not on the actual day, mind you. Nashville will be crawling with lovey-doveys Thursday. We’ll probably go out Saturday or something. Or just have sex. I’m hoping both. Sex on both days, I mean. I should stop going on about this. SEX.)

And while it would be nice to discuss my romantic life on here, I’m neither interesting enough nor attractive enough to fill an entire post with such material. What I can do, however, is promise a new serial on my Twitter feed @TweetTheHorror, called #ViolentValentine. The story will be, uh…a lot less rapey than the hashtag implies.

Also, I’ve decided to continue committing to regular updates on here. I certainly don’t mind the excuse to spend chunks of time in the library or at my desk. And I need to maintain a steady writing habit anyway. I’m bad about letting myself go days at a time without any creative output, and that needs to get nipped in the bud something fierce, no matter what kind of day I’ve had at work.

Speaking of work, I work in a hotel, and though that has nothing to do with anything, my friend @TweetTheHaunt also works in a hotel. The difference between my job at a corporate chain and his at a local independent is that his is haunted. Well, mine might be haunted too – the building is over a century old, and no one likes being in the bar alone after midnight. But Haunt’s job is, I dunno…extra-haunted? Lots of weird stuff happens, is what I’m saying. I can’t say which hotel it is, because metro council only considers ghosts a tourist draw before they start reenacting scenes from “The Evil Dead.” But I convinced Haunt to tweet about his experiences on the night shift, so please follow the poor bastard so he won’t think I wasted his time.

I’m also going to post a story for Valentine’s Day, but only keep it up for twenty-four hours. I don’t think publishers really like it for authors to present work for free all willy-nilly, so catch it when you can.

Anyway, I’m off to buy beer, because the girl I’m seeing this weekend prefers it to candy. I, uh…I might pick up an engagement ring while I’m at it.

–          The Awful Writer


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