First off, how are you? You look good. Is that a new purse? Those earrings look great, by the way.

Anyway, my submission for When Darkness Calls didn’t make the cut, but with authors like Ramsey Campbell on the official Table of Contents, the typical sting of rejection is significantly lessened. But what does this have to do with you, you ask? (Because everything always has to be about you, doesn’t it Brad?) Well, since “Basher Bones and Fal” wasn’t accepted, that means I’m free to do with it as I please (until I send it on its next round of rejections, of course). Thus, for a few days this week, I’ll post it here on the blog for those of you willing to read the sick ramblings of a man who stays up too late and consumes more stimulants than he really should. Look for it sometime tomorrow; I’ll keep it up until about Friday or so.

I know, I know, I have a habit of promising original fiction and immediately reneging, but if you stick it out with me, maybe I’ll add some naughty pictures of myself to the mix. I’ve been dying to break out my Nazi garter belt anyway.

Also, I’m working on a small project with friends called The People Versus Reckless Nerdage over on Tumblr. The current highlight is a project we’re calling “Novel Tag,” where we take turns writing a novel a chapter at a time until the story reaches a natural end. Check out our progress if you like, but fair warning: the site is in its infancy, and we’re still tweaking it.

Hopefully everything will play out exactly as I just promised. If it doesn’t, well, uh…

Hey, while I have you, what do you think about podcasts? Should I look into doing a few or no? I’ve been told I have a face for radio.

Whatever, it’s St. Patrick’s Day. So if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to figure out just how much I can drink at work before they fire me. Toodles!

– The Awful Writer


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