So, #TheHorrorInGreen wrapped, for all two of you who followed it. From this moment on, @TweetTheHorror will be devoted exclusively to tweeting horror serials, and in the next few days I’ll set up a sister feed to compliment it. I’ll announce the name when it’s up, and start shamelessly begging for followers.

Also, I’ve downloaded my Twitter archive, so sometime during the month I’m going to comb through my previous posts and present each serial here, on the blog, each in it’s entirety, for those who would like to read them all in one go. I’ll resist the urge to revise them for vanity’s sake as much as I’m able. (Which isn’t a lot; seriously, I’m not kidding when I say I’m artistically and intellectually vain. I’m basically the petulant three-year-old who wants to be the biggest kid in school.) I’ll probably post each serial a week at a time. Enjoy them, but please remember they’re my intellectual property. No copy-pasting, hmm? Feel free to link the shit out of them, however, but credit me when you do, please.

I’m also going to include my Twitter handles after each post from now on, and even back edit a few of my more popular posts with them. I know it’s shameless whoring on my part, but that’s exactly why I started this blog, so don’t get uppity with me. It’s been my dream since childhood to pimp my imagination out for money, so take your art-for-art’s-sake buzz philosophy and blow.

Annnd I’m going to set up my Facebook page to accept subscriptions. BOTH Facebook pages, I should say, my personal one and one I’ll set up soon to compliment the blog. The Facebook page, like the Twitter feed, will be devoted to posting fiction, but for the Facebook page, each status update will contain a complete piece of flash horror fiction. It’ll be like a median between Writing Myself Into a Hole and @TweetTheHorror. The iPad to their Macbook and iPhone. Another experiment in creative discipline. I have no idea as to what kind of regularity you should expect from me, but I’ll try to at least maintain two statuses a week. I’ll announce the new Facebook page sometime soon.

Do I think anyone will care? Nope, though  I sincerely hope they do. I do hope these efforts bring me some sort of recognition, but I also do this because it’s fun for me, and without this pressure valve I’d be doing drugs with more wanton abandon than I do now, so there. Either put up with my vain, whiny need for acknowledgement, or allow me to spiral into a cyclone of addiction. It’s all on you, Brad.

Oh, also I’m thinking about doing more movie and book reviews, to compliment my usual postulations about the horror genre in general. I saw Evil Dead recently, and it warped me, so expect a review of it soon. Also expect one for House of 1000 Corpses, an inferior movie to its sequel, but a goodie anyway. Plus, in addition to a post on gore in film I’m working on (and having a bitch of a time getting right), I have a snarky rant about people’s loose use of genre labels when describing movies and books in the works as well. Seriously, if one more person refers to Scary Movie as a horror film, I’m going to…mumble bitterly to myself, I guess. Horror podcast Horror 101 recently pissed me off good and proper by trying to ham-handedly label the works of H.G. Wells as cosmic horror, instead of acknowledging the cut-and-dry science fiction that it is. (You could argue otherwise, I suppose, but you’d be wrong. Man, I’m a conceited s.o.b., ain’t I?)

Also, it’s SPRING! To be precise, it’s EARLY SPRING! When the weather is still cool enough to compliment the sunshine! And there’s flowers about, too! I’ve been spending so much time in the park lately I’m pretty sure Metro is beginning to believe I’m a vagrant. I’m sure my panhandling and public urination does little to clear up the misunderstanding, either. But whatever. Until summer comes with its awful heat, I’ll enjoy the mild, breezy weather as much as I can. Maybe Nashville will even have a chilly May, such as it did two years ago when I read John Green’s “Looking for Alaska.” We can only hope.

Anyhow, my words about credit where credit is due before have compelled me to look up the artist for an image I used previously. I was under the impression I’d properly cited it, but looking through earlier today, it seems as though I didn’t. Time to put my money where my mouth is.

Hugs and sensual massages,

The Awful Writer



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