So yes, I know I know I know. I didn’t do anything I promised last week. I’m a shitty person, yes yes yes. The reviews are still on my desktop, undisturbed in their little folder, illuminated by the background I have showing a woman in lingerie recoiling from the Creature from the Black Lagoon. I’m sorry, I’ve failed you.

I was working nearly 98% of the time I was awake last week, and when I wasn’t doing that I was responding to emails, all of which carried the vague “you may not be able to afford college after all” threat that comes with messages from the financial aid office. Then I had to drive six hours to see my folks for Father’s Day – not complaining about that. I hate my hometown, but I dearly love the family and friends who still live here, so it’s worth it.

I’ll try to post them sometime soon. Bear with me. Or don’t, I suppose, you’re not really obligated to I guess. But I’ll throw something up soon!

Now it’s off to get a tire repaired and my a.c. recharged before I hit the road for Nashville. Quick bit before I go: check out The No Sleep Podcast if you’re ever in dire straights for spooky stories to listen to on long drives. Especially those late-night drives that seem to wind unceasingly through twisting woods.


– The Awful Writer



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3 responses to “Uh…whoops

  1. I “threw something up” the other week, myself. For my stranger than fiction story (which may just encourage you to unfollow my blog), go here: http://thatsajennstory.wordpress.com/2013/06/14/roll-the-credits/

    Or don’t.

    Back to semi-normalcy this week, I expect.

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