Twitter Serials and Other Stuff

The latest Twitter serial, #TheFigureInTheField, went pretty well, I thought, though midway through it I switched from present tense to past tense. Whatever. I never said I was perfect, I just intoned it heavily. Click the link here to check the serial if you’re interested. Hopefully I’ll have a new one dreamed up in a weekend or two. The account, @TweetTheHorror, seems to be gaining some traction, so pressure is mounting, albeit minutely, to make sure whatever I tweet is as legitimately entertaining as I can manage. So, clearly, this is doomed to explosive failure. But I’ll try anyway. Click here to follow me as I make a gigantic ass of myself.

I’m also going to be writing reviews for The Horrifically Horrifying Horror Blog, so long as my idiocy doesn’t get too far in the way. I’ve been having a devil of a time managing my Kindle app lately; I don’t know if it’s a technical issue or if my southern upbringing is starting to show. American southerners aren’t exactly known for their, uh…intellectual prowess, after all.

Buuut I will plow ahead anyway. Got more reading to do tonight, then I’ll have to decompress from the day with a few monster flicks. I had an issue with my car earlier this morning, and it was on one of the few days when I don’t have coupons for a zillion discounts crammed into my wallet. Son of a bitch. Pluuus I had to dispute a bogus charge on the receipt, and that drained me a bit too. Normally I’m not terribly averse to that sort of thing, but I deal with chronic anxiety, and it rears its head at the damndest of times. Today was one of those times, and it took its toll on me. Whatever. It’ll all work out.

As of now, I have a novel to revise, some stories to finish, some reading and reviewing to do, and a future class schedule to sort out. But that’s all long term…by my definition, anyway. Tonight, however, I got a couple new movies to watch and help me come down from my shitty day.

One: “Gorgo.” A classic. Almost warms my heart when Mama Gorgo raids London to rescue Baby Gorgo. Wait, no, it DOES warm my heart. Hooray for motherly, monstrous love! It’s just a shame the big lizards never threw down with Konga, England’s homegrown King Kong. Would’ve been something to see Britannia nurture it’s own Toho-style monster movie series.

Movie two is yet ANOTHER British flick, “The Giant Behemoth.” Kind of a redundant title, I know, but I’ll defend its dramatic intoning to the grave. Apparently it was originally going to involve giant radioactive blobs rampaging through England, but those in power insisted on capitalizing on the popularity of Harryhausen’s landmark “Beast from 20,000 Fathoms.” Knowing that, you can actually tell when the screenplay shifted from mutant blobs to giant dinosaur, but I remember the movie being entertaining when I was younger. It also holds a special nostalgic place in my father’s heart; apparently the monster’s habit of burning people alive with its radioactivity scared the living shit out of him, back when he was a snaggle-toothed young’un  in the old days of black & white monsterfests. I’m looking forward to reacquainting myself with this somewhat obscure little flick.

Anyway, I’m off. Got a lot of brooding and self-pity to catch up on tonight. Hopefully I’ll be less of a pissy man-child by morning. Hopefully.

Who knows, maybe I can use my pouty mood to convince my hot roommate I’m sensitive.


– The Awful Writer


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