New Book Review. I Know, It’s Been Awhile.

So I have a new book review up over at the Horrifically Horrifying Horror Blog. It should have been up a month ago, at least, but I’ve had some personal stuff going on. Without getting too personal, my dad’s had some pretty serious health issues, and I can deal with stress pretty well unless it affects family. When that happens, I’m useless, so everything but, like, bills had to go on the back burner for a while.

He’s doing better though, so happy days are here again. Plus I got some writing done to ease the stress, so revising that should prove amusing. It’s weird how writing really can serve as a balm for the soul. If I didn’t have an imagination full of monsters and gratuitous violence, I probably would’ve spent the last month chain-smoking. It’s cliched, I know, “writing as emotional salve.” But those cliches become powerful when you experience firsthand their literal truth.


– The Awful Writer


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