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Halloween Twitter Serial – Reflections

It’s both weird and a relief that I’m not trying to do #thenightshift anymore. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoyed the experience handily, and even though the finished project was a bit Roland Emmerich-y of me, I honestly came away with a little growth as a writer. So maybe it was worth it.

I never had much use for Twitter beforehand; most of my acquaintances weren’t on it, and any creative impulses I felt were either channeled into attempts at professional-level writing efforts, or through postings here on WordPress. However, I was drawn to what I perceived Twitter to fundamentally be: a collection of stories, pieced together through flickering glimpses into minds and events. I liked that a lot, and wanted somehow to indulge myself in this perception.

With October, and thus Halloween, approaching, I wanted to do something that would properly honor my favorite holiday, while also stimulating me creatively. And even though I had no idea what it would be about, one week before the month actually began, I announced I would start telling a story through a series of rushed, half-assed tweets. The announcement was small: to the few who followed me on WordPress, and to the acquaintances I keep in contact with on Facebook.

Luckily I was starting to gain an understanding of the importance of tags and hashtags on here and Twitter, respectively, and some fortunate combination of terms drew the attention of Emma Audsley from the Horrifically Horrifying Horror Blog. Emma was kind enough to reblog my little update, and though I’ve hardly swept the online world, the increased exposure certainly encouraged me to keep up with the effort, even though for a good week I had no idea where the fuck I was going with it.

Ultimately, I’m glad I did it. There may be many things I’m disappointed with about it, such as

– the lack of thorough characterization

– an over-emphasis on action when I should have realized the format lent itself more to mood and atmosphere

– the transparently off-the-cuff style

…but there were also several things I took away that I think will help me as a writer, like

– recognizing that every line needs to count

– realizing every sentence can tell its own story

– understanding that a truly massive amount of information can be shared with surprisingly few words.

I value #thenightshift for what it is: as both a simple-minded little story about giant bugs, and as an experiment from which other, richer efforts can grow. I’m already considering another serial, tentatively called #novembernightmares, which will be a much shorter but hopefully much richer effort. Whether it’s wanted, or even if it’s rejected, is irrelevant. I liked what #thenightshift gave me, and if there’s more to learn from the effort, I want to know it. We’ll see how things go.

– The Awful Writer



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Halloween Twitter Serial – November Nightmares

It’s done. #thenightshift is finished. It’s a terrible story, but it’s wrapped up, so it can’t hurt you anymore.

Should I carry another one for November, or should I let my friend’s misadventures at @TweetTheHaunt take over for me? I’m sure his feed will fill the void my horrible writing failed to satisfy.

Hope you all had a marvelous Halloween. I’m off to ogle trampy college girls.

– The Awful Writer

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Halloween Twitter Serial – When All is Said and Done

Halloween’s approaching, which means I gotta step up my game with #thenightshift if I wanna explain where the fuck the giant-ass bedbugs came from.

Oh. Uh, spoiler alert. There’s giant bedbugs in #thenightshift. Sorry ’bout that.

So, yeah, gotta explain the jokers somehow, though by “explain” I really mean “pull something out of my toned, dimpled ass.” We’ll see what kind of horrible quality I can achieve soon enough.

Original story to be posted as soon as I can fit in one last proofread, which will be a miracle, considering I’m working literally every waking minute until tomorrow night.

In other news, a guy I know just landed a job at a creepy old hotel, similar to #thenightshift but without the inexplicable mutant bugs. The place has got some…queasy history, is the best way I can put it, and unsavory stories abound about it.

I bring this up because, for better or worse, he wants to share his experience with you. Despite strict employee guidelines to the contrary, he’s going to be tweeting any and all experiences on the job, from the most mundane to the most extraordinary. Follow @TweetTheHaunt to see how (NAME WITHHELD FOR PURPOSES OF JOB SECURITY) handles the overnight shift in Nashville’s oldest, and most infamous, hotel.

Me, I got a cushy, corporate, chain hotel gig to get to, so for now my hainted buddy can suck it. For the conclusion of my terrible, horrible, no-good, seriously-this-is-really-bad, it’s-like-Michael-Bay-is-having-a-stroke Halloween serial, follow @SeanGanus. I promise it’ll be a letdown. Wait, no, I mean it won’t be a letdown.

Ah, I can’t lie to ya. It’ll be like I gave your intellect an immunity disorder. Don’t say I ever gave ya any wooden nickels.

– The Awful Writer


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A Few Things More

So Write-On-Demand Day came and went without a whisper, which I expected, so I’m fine with it. The important thing is that I made the effort.

Tweets fell short yesterday, I know. I was visiting family and haunted houses, and I let my emotional well-being take precedence like a loser. I’m sorry, Brad, JEEZ.

With an ass-numbing six hour drive behind me, today’s make-up quota should come along smoothly, like an inattentive boyfriend who realizes you’re about to dump him. Expect lots of chocolate and smooth talk, and maybe a hand on your butt when I make my clumsy attempt to seduce you.

I haven’t forgotten about the original story. It’ll go up as soon as I fix a glaring plot hole I discovered at the eleventh hour. I’ll be sure to link to the prequel tale when I post it.

Meanwhile, I’m busily trying to revise my zombie novel (a different tale than the property serialized here) before I let discouragement take me down like a Spanish bull. I keep sending it out to agents, but those crickets I hear chirping in response sound a lot like they’re saying “GOD YOU SUCK.”

Remember to follow @SeanGanus or #thenightshift to see just how much I suck!

Peace and chicken grease.

– The Awful Writer

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Halloween Twitter Serial – Quota

This “five tweets per day” business is trickier than it really should be. I had five tweets prepared and ready to go…and then I used up my battery power watching Salad Fingers and left myself with a dead phone for the rest of the work day. GOD I’M BRILLIANT.

So I think “Eh, I’ll just play catch up when I get home.” This goes smoothly until I get a call from a female friend of mine to hit a couple bars. I managed one more tweet before the alcohol kicked in. Wait, no, that’s not true. I managed one more tweet before we started pawing each other. There we go. And in the ensuing struggle between sex and artistic integrity, um, sex won by a mile.

If it sounds like I’m gloating, I am, sorry ’bout that. (I HAD SEX, BWAHAHAHA!) I’m two months out of what was a pretty serious relationship, so I can’t bring myself to apologize for any unattached sexy times had on my part. Hopefully Liz thinks my lack of sexual prowess is a result of my then-somewhat-inebriated state.

Anyhoo, unless the gods smile on me again today, expect five tweets as promised. Things are gonna get a little splattery now that the bodies are piling up, plus the language may get mildly foul. So if either scenario is taboo for you, be warned: I’m gonna write what comes to me. If it feels natural, it’s going in. Self-censorship is a post-modern plague.

Follow @SeanGanus or #thenightshift to follow the plight of a hellish hotel’s overnight staff!

– The Awful Writer

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Halloween Twitter Serial – Catch-Up

Despite a few hiccups, things seem to be running…generally smooth with the Twitter serial. I had at least a week’s worth of tweets stashed before October rolled around. Thought I was being pretty proactive until I, uh, stopped doing that. Now I’m down to one day’s worth in my QuickOffice stockpile, so I reckon it’s time to hit the free espresso at work and hammer the rest of this joker out.

I may also post an original story (a whole one, I mean) sometime this week, so look for that, if, um, I do it, I mean. It’ll be a sequel to one I temporarily ran here until I tried to shop it around. That effort hasn’t been terribly successful, so I’ll probably post a link to it as well for anyone interested, probably in the same post. Who knows.

I’m also thinking, if I can get enough followers on here to satisfy the effort, of trying something I’m calling a “Write-on-Demand” day. Basically I’ll leave a day open for folks to suggest subjects, one subject per person, and I’ll have a finished story for each subject posted here by Halloween. I only ask that you realize I might opt out of this at any time, and that anything I do write will be a horror story.

So if you can, get back to me on what you think about this (both of you, this time). And don’t tell Brad about it. Because Brad can go to hell, that’s why. God I hate Brad. He’s so…Brad.

Follow @SeanGanus or #thenightshift to gauge whether or not I’m failing at all this!

– The Awful Writer

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Halloween Twitter Serial – A Few Things

First off, I’m back on track, meeting my five tweet quota, mortal sickness be damned. Though to be honest, being temporarily bedridden is actually probably why I’m making my quota today, but whatever.

If there’s any concern over the story’s pace, the narrative’s official body count begins soon, I promise. Gore to follow soon. (See what I did there? Hoho, chortle chortle!)

Follow @SeanGanus or #thenightshift to track my eventual implosion of creative failure!

– The Awful Writer

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