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Cuz I love her.

My Baby’s Makin’ a (Short) Movie!

So my girl has taken my short story “Tar” and turned it into a treatment.

“Tar” is a simple story about a hobo looking for a place to get out of the rain for the night. Camping out in the basement of an old, broken down house, he finds the stone cellar covered in sticky, dripping tar. His efforts to stay out of the nasty stuff become complicated, however, when he notices that the tar is starting to follow him…

I’m considering posting it, or another original story, for a future update. If you guys are interested (either of you), lemme know. If not, then ya know what? Fine. Take Sally to the dance, then. See if I care, Brad.

The film, so far, sounds like it’ll be fun to make. She’s already pretty excited about executing the classic horror tropes: ooze on the lens, dead stares into the camera, exaggerated lighting. Still haven’t sold her on including gratuitous nudity (or been forgiven for providing a list of girls who should be naked in her movie), but hope springs eternal. Also, I’ll be a hobo, so that’s always a good time. (Except for people who actually are hobos, I guess. Fine, here’s a dollar. Yeah, God bless you too.) Pictures of my transformation into a fellow down on his luck will be forthcoming.

The movie’s availability following its review in class is entirely up to her, but I’m hoping she’ll let me document the effort for posterity’s sake. Hopefully I can put that up on YouTube in the coming weeks.

Speaking of YouTube, I and my friends Knowle and Dexter might make an effort towards a YouTube channel, though the idea is still quite fetal right now. Likely it’ll be sort of an off-kilter mishmash of horror and humor, but we’ll see. Here’s to hopin’.

Alright, back to work, before I forget I why I started this thing. Peace and chicken grease, guys. I’m out.

– Sean


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