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November Nightmares – Done and Done!

As much as I enjoyed it, I have to admit I’m relieved I don’t have to repetitively type “#NovemberNightmares” seven thousand times a day. The effort is finished, and even if I shouldn’t be, I’m proud of the result.

I’m already planning a December serial, hopefully to start soon. Check back to see where I go on that, though I’m liking the hashtag “#DeadlyDecember.”

Meanwhile, feel free to leave little reviews @TweetTheHorror or with hashtag #NovemberNightmares. Good or bad, I’m ready for ’em. I’m a big boy, I can take it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, since I’m free of Twitter, I’m going to resume focus on some of my more serious literary efforts.

Ha! Kidding, kidding, I’m gonna go drink myself blind.

– The Awful Writer


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#NovemberNightmares begins today, at the newly renamed @TweetTheHorror. It’ll last until Friday week, so it won’t hurt too much.

Also, yeah, changed the Twitter handle. I’ll go back and fix the links in all the old posts, but it seemed reasonable to change it to something easy to say. Internet horror radio show “Tales to Terrify” has agreed to read my story “Write Away” in an upcoming podcast, and I wanted to make sure any spoken or written promotion was easily understood.

Also, yeehaw, they’re readin’ mah story! Link to come as soon as the podcast is released for download.

Hugs and kisses, knives and axes,

The Awful Writer

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November Nightmares

In two Mondays, I’m going to start another serial on Twitter. (Quit yer bitchin’, it’s happening anyway.) As mentioned, I’m going to tag it #NovemberNightmares, and it’ll only last two weeks. Let’s hope it’s a deeper effort than #thenightshift proved to be.

Meanwhile, I’ll post the long-promised original story soon, now that I’ve worked the worst of the kinks from it. Unfortunately, I’m going to renege on my promise to provide a link to its prequel tale, as I’ve submitted that piece to Screaming Spires Publishing for consideration of acceptance for their upcoming anthology When Darkness Calls. Hopefully the powers that lord over that effort will overlook the fact that I write like a ten-year-old caught in the middle of a Ray Harryhausen marathon.

Hopefully everything will play out alright. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to meet my ex at a bar. Maybe I can work in some guilty hookup sex before I commit myself to any literary efforts. Fingers crossed!

– The Awful Writer

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