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Call of #Cathulhu

A few updates:

The Facebook page, Post the Horror, is up and running, with it’s first flash horror story slated for this evening. Follow along and Like it if you can, and I’ll do my best to make it worth your while! (Also I’ll have sex with you. I’m shameless enough to do it.)

Also, @TweetTheHorror has a new twitter serial running today, called #Cathulhu, which I should’ve named #CallofCathulhu, but whadaya gonna do? It’s a decidedly sillier effort than previous serials, so if you find yourself laughing at how awful it is, don’t feel bad. You’re supposed to be doing that. Follow @TweetTheHorror to keep up.

Also the sister Twitter feed will come along tonight, if I can squeeze it in. This will be my personal rant rag, in an effort to free up @TweetTheHorror to focus exclusively on the horror serials I’ve been using it for. I have Emma Audsley from The Horrifically Horrifying Horror Blog to thank for pointing out that my Millennial ass could at least try to be a little more organized. (Though she said it much more politely than that.) Thanks Emma!

I might try to add regular pictures to the Facebook page, or start up a special Instagram for creepy images. I haven’t really decided yet, so we’ll see where that leads.

Peace and dolphins, guys.

– The Awful Writer



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@TweetTheHaunt – Featured Post #2



So you know what goes great with creepy laughter? Footsteps. #hauntedhotel


1:47 AM – 5 Nov 12

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@TweetTheHaunt – Featured Tweet #1

Tweet The Haunt (@TweetTheHaunt) tweeted at 2:45 PM on Thu, Nov 01, 2012:

First night on the late shift tonight. On the night after Halloween. In a supposedly haunted hotel. AWESOME. #hauntedhotel #ghosts

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