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Call of #Cathulhu

A few updates:

The Facebook page, Post the Horror, is up and running, with it’s first flash horror story slated for this evening. Follow along and Like it if you can, and I’ll do my best to make it worth your while! (Also I’ll have sex with you. I’m shameless enough to do it.)

Also, @TweetTheHorror has a new twitter serial running today, called #Cathulhu, which I should’ve named #CallofCathulhu, but whadaya gonna do? It’s a decidedly sillier effort than previous serials, so if you find yourself laughing at how awful it is, don’t feel bad. You’re supposed to be doing that. Follow @TweetTheHorror to keep up.

Also the sister Twitter feed will come along tonight, if I can squeeze it in. This will be my personal rant rag, in an effort to free up @TweetTheHorror to focus exclusively on the horror serials I’ve been using it for. I have Emma Audsley from The Horrifically Horrifying Horror Blog to thank for pointing out that my Millennial ass could at least try to be a little more organized. (Though she said it much more politely than that.) Thanks Emma!

I might try to add regular pictures to the Facebook page, or start up a special Instagram for creepy images. I haven’t really decided yet, so we’ll see where that leads.

Peace and dolphins, guys.

– The Awful Writer



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First of, #TheHorrorInGreen plugs along, though at a bit of a haphazard pace. I’m back in my hometown this week, visiting family and old friends, and that tends to be a distracting affair for me. Add in the fact that I’m horrible at time management, and you have a lot of missed dates at bars, errands forgotten on an almost daily basis, and endless hours lost because I find it amusing to play with cats and laser pointers.

But I’ll do my best to continue #TheHorrorInGreen (based on a story I scribbled down in high school, almost literally in the last century). Search for the hashtag to start up from the beginning, though I know that isn’t a 100% foolproof method of keeping up with the tale.

Speaking of that, the exhaustingly industrious Emma Audsley of The Horrifically Horrifying Horror Blog raised the valid point that, coupled with the personal musings I put up on Twitter, following my tweeted serials can be a bit discombobulating. She suggested two separate accounts – one for personal musings, and one for the Twitter serials. This struck me as brilliant, so coming soon, @TweetTheHorror will have a sister feed, @SeanGanus. I’ll be wanting followers, of course, so if you’re Twitter-oriented, I officially grovel with a complete lack of dignity for you to follow me, on both feeds. I’ll try to follow folks back, but I’m a damnably distractible, twentysomething man-child, so it may take me a bit to fulfill my Twitter-y obligations. Forgive me my Millennial tendencies.

@SeanGanus will debut following the conclusion of #TheHorrorInGreen. Until then, I’ll do my best to keep my feed as uncluttered as possible.

I’m also toying with a Facebook companion page for @TweetTheHorror, but no guarantees I’ll follow through on that.

Also, my boy @TweetTheHaunt (who’s naming scheme I totally jacked for myself), is going to start tweeting again soon. Like, FOR REAL, this time, unlike last time where I said he would, only for him to get busted by management. Luckily he was able to hide the feed from his boss (who’s under the impression it’s got a different name anyhow), but he had to go dark for a while to alleviate suspicion that he was using Twitter on the job.

For those who don’t know, @TweetTheHaunt chronicles his “adventures” working the night shift in a Nashville hotel that a lot of folks around town believe is haunted. He can’t say his name or the hotel’s, for fear of getting fired, but he’ll leave little clues occasionally as to which hotel he works in. Funny thing is, the guy doesn’t really believe in ghosts, but he’ll be the first to admit weird shit can go down after dark, and he tweets it pretty much as soon as he experiences it. He’s toying with the idea of a blog, too, so I’ll keep ya posted on that. Give him a follow, if for no other reason than to convince him this is worth it. He’s mostly only doing this because I told him folks would love it.

Annnd should I put up any more original fiction? I’m awfully proud of that werewolf story of mine, though it does deal with excessive violence and the nature of cruelty. For two subjects that unnerve me so much in others’ work, I sure do use them a lot in mine. Whatever. I’ll try to post the story, “Old Teeth,” sometime this Saturday. I’ll keep it up for a week. Please do me the courtesy of remembering that all fiction posted on this blog is my intellectual property, unless otherwise noted. I’m more than okay with links, but I do have the tale under copyright, and I would appreciate it if folks won’t copy and paste my stuff.

Not that I’m calling my fellow bloggers a den of thieves, mind you. On the contrary – bloggers, horror bloggers especially, and writers all tend to be a pretty supportive lot with a strong sense of fair play. I only say the above things as a matter of course. If I put “Old Teeth” up, feel free to link the hell out of it. Leave comments, likes, middle fingers, whatever your heart desires.

But don’t tell Brad. If you tell Brad about this I swear to GOD I’ll tell the whole school you still sleep with a nightlight on.

Cheers all!


– The Awful Writer

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Update on #TheHorrorInGreen

#TheHorrorInGreen is up and running on my Twitter feed, @TweetTheHorror. I’m keeping up a pretty good pace, too, so maybe it won’t encroach too terribly into April. Hunt down the story’s hashtag to catch up, if you haven’t already. But I swear to God, if you tell Brad about this, I’LL HATE YOU FOREVER.

– The Awful Writer


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What the Next Few Days Will Bring

Hey-o! So, #TheHorrorInGreen got pushed back a bit into April, because the hotel I work at was crazy busy the last few days. I would complain, but the functions pay and feed well. Also a leggy number asked me out for a drink during one shindig, and that was nice. The fact that I didn’t pick up on her signal until hours later, when I was already back at home, however…less nice.

Whatever. There’s more to life than sexy times. Like locking myself in my bedroom for days and writing at my laptop. Wait, wait, don’t slit your wrists yet…it’s not social awkwardness that keeps me at my keyboard (not entirely), it’s a new novel I’m working on, which will be…#3 for me, I believe. I’ll post part of it sometime, to see if I can snag a few bits of constructive criticism from someone. But don’t tell Brad about it. Brad can go to hell.

In other news, I’ve completed a werewolf story that I’ve been laboring over for months, struggling to get right. I’ve no idea if I’ve succeeded or not, but the experience was a unique one. Writing it was one of the most miserable exercises I’ve ever undertaken, artistically speaking, but the result was a story that, while it might not impress others much, entertained me more than anything else I’ve written before. Maybe something happened while I worked on it – I just hope that something doesn’t turn out to have been me plateauing. I’ll post it for a few days next week, for anyone interested in werewolves, amateur horror fiction, and/or crushing the dreams of a starving artist with unduly harsh criticism.

Anyway, back to the Twitter serial: #TheHorrorInGreen is a direct attempt to cease the “month-centric” theme I’ve been on. But I’ve also told myself I’m not going to cheat: #TheHorrorInGreen will not serve as two-months’ worth of serial just because of overlap. Keep an eye out two weeks after #TheHorrorInGreen concludes for April’s horrific exercise. And check @TweetTheHorror or #TheHorrorInGreen on Twitter to keep up with the story starting March 30th.

Last thing: I’m going to a local midnight showing of Rob Zombie’s masterpiece “The Devil’s Rejects” tomorrow. I’m excited, in no small part because Bill Moseley and Sid Haig will be in attendance as well. I’ve told myself I have to come up with challenging questions for the two of them, questions that will merit well-reasoned and introspective answers from both actors regarding their experiences with the film. However, the theater serves alcohol, so it’s far more likely I’ll pee on myself, black out, and wake up by the grease pit behind the restaurant next door. Because I’m a sexy boy.

Memories (if any exist) of the experience will be shared, both here and on Twitter, so if the antics of a boring twenty-something is your cup of tea, stay tuned. Fair warning: I am both an American and a Millennial, and as such I believe I’m both more important than I actually am, and I am painfully NOT aware of my own ignorance. Be prepared to roll your eyes at the myriad idiotic things I will inevitably postulate on.

(Postulate. See? There I go already.)

Peace. I’m off to find a Sonny Bono wig.

–          The Awful Writer

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New Twitter Serial: #TheHorrorInGreen

This Saturday, I’ll begin a new Twitter serial, #TheHorrorInGreen. Keep your eyes peeled for it on my feed, @TweetTheHorror.

– The Awful Writer


UPDATE: #TheHorrorInGreen begins Monday, 3/26. Sorry for the delay.

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#DeadlyDecember – Cursed Already?

So #DeadlyDecember missed its premiere date, but not from lack of effort on my part. I composed the opening tweet around ten: “The stuffed bear and the wooden man stared into each others’ glass eyes.” Then I hit “SEND.” Standard Twitter stuff, right?

Except the tweet wouldn’t send. It went straight to drafts. The Luddite in me immediately assumed my technology was rebelling against me. (Because when Skynet finally becomes self-aware, the only thing it will give a shit about is Twitter, obviously.) Then I noticed my phone wasn’t connected to its network.

Aha! Even this dumbass knows that’s a simple fix. Kindly connect, yon sainted smartphone!

Except it wouldn’t. A dreadful message popped up: NETWORK UNAVAILABLE.

Cue…I swear to God…a crack of thunder.

Wifi connections were also a bust, as a thunderstorm that, I would learn, would eventually tear off my apartment’s porch light rolled through Middle Tennessee.

It was quite the doozy, folks. Sideways rain and everything. If anything could lay the internet low for the night, it would’ve been this thing.

So #DeadlyDecember will have two tweets by way of a makeup today, then the format reverts to that previously promised. I just needed you all to know I’d made the effort.

Fair reading, fellow Tweeters.

– The Awful Writer

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With #NovemberNightmares done, I’ve pretty much decided to dedicate my Twitter, @TweetTheHorror, predominantly to tweeting epistolary fiction.

So expect #DeadlyDecember to premiere Sunday, December 9th. A special catch with this serial, however, is that I’m only going to tell it one tweet per day.

That’s right. One. Tweet. Per. Day. If you feel like shooting me, too bad; Nashville’s a big place, good luck finding me. That’s not to say I won’t work on and present other fiction. I’m really just interested in seeing how effective a story told in such a limiting, restrictive manner can be.

In the meantime, be sure to catch up with my buddy @TweetTheHaunt, as he details his experiences working the night shift in a haunted Nashville hotel.

Now to go work on material I won’t show anyone unless I’m paid to do so. Hurrah!

– The Awful Writer

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