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Kickstarter Announcement: Horror, Podcasts, and Serial Storytelling

For the past few months, I’ve been busy scrambling about Central and North Georgia making people scream and cry. 

Don’t worry. There was a microphone involved. You’ll ALL hear their screams soon enough. 


Let me start over. 

Since June I’ve been recording vocals for a podcast project of mine, a horror series currently titled “Fire Call” In it, an agoraphobic woman reaches out for help against an obsessive serial arsonist with a mysterious connection to her past. In her efforts to reach beyond the bounds of her own doorway, she forges a bond with the 911 operator who takes her calls…and who has his own bizarre connection with the psychotic firebug terrorizing our heroine. 

The series was written to be intentionally short and simple. The entire plot unfolds as a series of phone calls, and involves only a small handful of actors. But, despite my efforts to keep the need for a budget to a minimum, production costs have arisen. 

Not exorbitantly, mind you, but still beyond my current capability of covering. Unless I, you know, decide to cut out nonessentials like food, water, and shelter. 

The biggest cost for the project is probably the biggest cost every online creative effort faces: server costs. While I had budgeted for the cover of these costs, the costs of filing LLC paperwork, and the costs of acquiring domain names has really built up, and there is little room for error should an unexpected curve ball, like (more) equipment or software malfunction, be thrown our way.

So to help with these costs, my production team and I have decided to do what all the cool kids are doing: beg for money from strangers on Kickstarter. 

We’re looking at a small goal – $500 to $1,000 – but we’re also looking to the success of the Kickstarter campaign to gauge the viability of this project and another we have in preproduction. Should we meet our goal – or, dare I hope, surpass it – the success will go a long way toward boosting our confidence in our project, and in encouraging us to follow through with producing its sister series, currently titled “Shadow House.”

Since “Fire Call” is a horror serial, I figured there was no better time to announce the upcoming crowdfunding effort than on Halloween. In two weeks, the campaign will launch, with plenty of perks for those lovely and generous souls who contribute, including a special holiday season token of appreciation come the campaign’s conclusion. I’ll announce its launch in a pleading, pitiful blog post, and we’ll see where things go from there.

Either way, this series WILL get made, but a successful funding effort will ensure it will be produced a lot sooner. Otherwise, look for the debut of “Fire Call” on iTunes in spring of the year 3179.


– The Awful Writer 


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New Halloween Twitter Serial: #theywontdie

About three years ago I began running serialized fiction on Twitter, telling my stories one tweet at a time. It was moderately popular, and for about a year I ran a new one each month, some with holiday themes, some without.

It’s been a minute since I was last on Twitter for any significant period of time. Life has been kinda hectic lately, but I’ve begun to realize that life is always kinda hectic. You can’t wait for calm to get creative. You have to get creative to spite the chaos.

So beginning today, I’ll be tweeting a new serial: #theywontdie, from my Twitter handle @TweetTheHorror. Graveyards are places for the dead, but that doesn’t mean the dead are there alone…

Keep them company here: #theywontdie.

Here I sit before my kingdom. Here I am the steward of this land and its decay.

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Update on #TheHorrorInGreen

#TheHorrorInGreen is up and running on my Twitter feed, @TweetTheHorror. I’m keeping up a pretty good pace, too, so maybe it won’t encroach too terribly into April. Hunt down the story’s hashtag to catch up, if you haven’t already. But I swear to God, if you tell Brad about this, I’LL HATE YOU FOREVER.

– The Awful Writer


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#DeadlyDecember – Cursed Already?

So #DeadlyDecember missed its premiere date, but not from lack of effort on my part. I composed the opening tweet around ten: “The stuffed bear and the wooden man stared into each others’ glass eyes.” Then I hit “SEND.” Standard Twitter stuff, right?

Except the tweet wouldn’t send. It went straight to drafts. The Luddite in me immediately assumed my technology was rebelling against me. (Because when Skynet finally becomes self-aware, the only thing it will give a shit about is Twitter, obviously.) Then I noticed my phone wasn’t connected to its network.

Aha! Even this dumbass knows that’s a simple fix. Kindly connect, yon sainted smartphone!

Except it wouldn’t. A dreadful message popped up: NETWORK UNAVAILABLE.

Cue…I swear to God…a crack of thunder.

Wifi connections were also a bust, as a thunderstorm that, I would learn, would eventually tear off my apartment’s porch light rolled through Middle Tennessee.

It was quite the doozy, folks. Sideways rain and everything. If anything could lay the internet low for the night, it would’ve been this thing.

So #DeadlyDecember will have two tweets by way of a makeup today, then the format reverts to that previously promised. I just needed you all to know I’d made the effort.

Fair reading, fellow Tweeters.

– The Awful Writer

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With #NovemberNightmares done, I’ve pretty much decided to dedicate my Twitter, @TweetTheHorror, predominantly to tweeting epistolary fiction.

So expect #DeadlyDecember to premiere Sunday, December 9th. A special catch with this serial, however, is that I’m only going to tell it one tweet per day.

That’s right. One. Tweet. Per. Day. If you feel like shooting me, too bad; Nashville’s a big place, good luck finding me. That’s not to say I won’t work on and present other fiction. I’m really just interested in seeing how effective a story told in such a limiting, restrictive manner can be.

In the meantime, be sure to catch up with my buddy @TweetTheHaunt, as he details his experiences working the night shift in a haunted Nashville hotel.

Now to go work on material I won’t show anyone unless I’m paid to do so. Hurrah!

– The Awful Writer

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